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Executive Coaching in London: Finding the Right Partner

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Looking for Executive Coaching in London? As you begin your search, it is important to understand a coach's individual style and approach. This will ensure that the partnership is a good fit to effectively support your professional development and goals.

Based in the City? While virtual coaching sessions are convenient and easy to schedule, there is great value in arranging in-person sessions for a more dynamic, immersive and personal experience. Once you find the right partner for Executive Coaching in London, you can kickstart your journey and meet in person to start improving specific skills, overcome challenges and achieve the results you're looking for.

In this article, we will explore Executive Coaching in more detail through the lens of Thrivably Coaching, and the benefits it can provide to individuals and their organisations.

What is Executive Coaching and how does it work with Thrivably?

Executive Coaching in London with Thrivably is a non-directive form of professional development. As your coach, unlike a consultant or mentor, I will not be giving you advice on how I would tackle a problem/situation if I were in your shoes. I am confident that you have the skills, resources and capabilities to create the right solutions for yourself. With this philosophy at the forefront, I will be applying a breadth of techniques to stretch you to think creatively and strategically so that you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

While we work together, you will find yourself developing a coaching mindset that empowers you beyond the subjects that you bring to each session. The leaders that I work with typically find that they start to enjoy greater problem solving abilities, and achieve better results in other areas of their work and personal life too.

What can I use Executive Coaching for?

Some of the services that I provide when Executive Coaching in London include:

1. Leadership skills development

From empowering your direct reports to communicating effectively and influencing key stakeholders, this is about developing the skills that you need to develop and lead an engaged, high performing team.

If you find yourself in a leadership position without having had a great deal of experience managing people, don’t worry - this is not uncommon. You can use executive coaching to build your confidence as a leader and identify helpful development areas as well as an action plan to start moving towards the results you need.

2. Coaching through conflict

Sometimes resolving conflicts can feel like an impossible task. However, when left unaddressed, they can escalate and cost the organisation as well as those involved. When conflict is part of the everyday, team members may feel intimidated or resentful, diverting their attention and energy away from completing the tasks at hand.

With the appropriate partner, your executive coaching sessions will become a safe space for you to work through conflicts between teams or on an individual level, break them down to find the root cause and address them in a manageable way. Working with Thrivably, you can learn effective strategies for resolving conflict and how to reduce the incidence of it too.

3. Goal Setting

This is about helping you get laser focused on what you want to achieve and working to identify strong objectives that can be approached through an actionable plan.

When your goal is realistic, there will be many factors within your control that can increase the likelihood of achieving it. We will address these from the start so that you have the best chance of getting there faster and more effectively.

4. Managing through change

During times of change, we often expect to go from one thing to another without any intermediate steps. This means we don't allow time to adjust and get used to the change before moving on to the next thing.

However, significant change often demands a shift in mindset and behaviour and it's important to allow time for adjustment, experimentation, and acceptance before making big changes. For example, senior management may need to adjust to new roles as a company expands, or department heads may need to adapt to a new business. Similarly, team members may need to adjust to new structures. In situations like these, coaching can help individuals adapt to their role changes and acquire the skills they need to perform better and lead more effective teams.

5. Team collaboration

The nature of a fast-changing, sometimes chaotic workplace can place demands on teams that can lead them to feeling overwhelmed. As pressures increase, there is a risk that rather than working collaboratively, team members put their heads down and become immersed in their work, determined to complete the tasks that lie ahead. It is easy for silos to be built and to lose sight of the team goal.

Team members may feel there is no time for coordinated activities, or to develop themselves, and share best practice. The result can be individuals becoming incredibly busy, but not always doing the right things. There may be duplication in roles and tasks, individuals acting without challenging why they are doing what they are doing, and tensions from the resulting pressures between individuals.

You can take advantage of Executive Coaching in London to align your team on values, goals and ways of working.

6. Developing executive presence

From public speaking to confidence building, becoming more assertive and influencing key stakeholders. You know best the area that could turbocharge your performance. Bring it to your coaching session and you’ll come out with an action plan to start meeting these goals.

7. Overwhelm and stress management

In addition to addressing the immediate causes of stress, executive coaching can help individuals develop long-term skills for coping with the demands of leadership. This could include setting healthy boundaries, communicating more effectively with the team, or creating a work-life balance that allows you to maintain your mental and physical well-being.

By working with an executive coach, you can learn to manage your stress and overcome feelings of overwhelm, leading to greater performance and wellbeing.

Where can I find Executive Coaching in London?

Thrivably offers in person Executive Coaching in London as well as virtual sessions. To find out more and arrange a free initial consultation, message

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