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Thank you for delivering an exceptional training session on overcoming workplace problems. Your approach was refreshing as it wasn't just a monologue; it was highly interactive, inclusive, and enjoyable. The way you engaged with everyone made us feel heard and involved throughout the session. Your insights were valuable, and the activities you incorporated helped us grasp the concepts effectively. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we look forward to implementing the strategies discussed. Great job!

Doron Birnbaum, Educator, Chazak

"Sharon has helped me immensely. The majority of our sessions were concerning my business and we spent one session on an issue pertaining to my personal life. In both areas Sharon helped me to gain insight into what my priorities were and helped me to organise myself in a way that made sure my tasks were completed. As a result of this I have completed much more work than I would have without Sharon’s help and created a strong foundation from which to launch my business"

Founder of Luxury Jewellery Business

"Sharon has been a great coach as she has guided me towards setting achievable and realistic goals in different areas of my life. Her approach to coaching has consisted in asking the right questions allowing self-reflection and promoting self-awareness while at the same time enabling me to find solutions to the right problems.


Sharon has been wonderful at listening, understanding different contexts and situations and taking me through the process of transforming theoretical reasonings into actionable tasks. I have learned how to become more pragmatic and how to simplify the process of achieving objectives.

The impact she has had has been very positive and her attitude, approach and personal touch have contributed to making this journey a valuable personal growth experience for me. I would recommend Sharon as a coach to anyone"

OB, Policy Advisor, Civil Service

Sharon helped me develop strategies that have helped me grow in confidence in my new job, something I will take into the next stage of my career and into personal settings. 

The most important thing I’ve gained through the sessions is more confidence. I’m now more comfortable in social settings, to the point when I’m putting myself in situations which would have induced a panic attack 9 months ago. Additionally I’m also able to locate patterns which are unhelpful or causing problems. 


Prior my sessions I lacked internal insight as well as the techniques of how to breakdown goals into tangible tasks or processes in order achieve them. Sharon has given me these tools which I can now take forward and actually achieve the goals which I set out for myself"

AW, Marketing and Communications Executive

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